Industrial Center Building
Studio 201
480 Gate Five Road
Sausalito, CA 94965

Artist Statement

Conventional wisdom holds that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet modern neuroscience demonstrates that the perception of beauty is actually a physiological phenomenon that can be mapped through real time electrical imaging of brain activity. The result is a remarkable correlation that strongly suggests a universal response across cultures in what defines an aesthetic experience. As such, viewers of “beautiful” art seem to activate identical neuron pathways as found when seeing the face of a beloved one. These stimuli release similar physical reactions and evoke common physiological states.

My work seeks to explore this connection of perception and reaction through the underlying principals found in organic form, color, light and texture. Using symmetry and balance, contrast and rhythm, I create sculpture in the abstract tradition of Arp, Brancusi, Hepworth, and Kapor. In this way, my artistic intent is designed to visually catapult the audience towards an exalted space already present within the nature of their character.